WHL Architects

1289 Reamwood Avenue Studio B
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-2261

Biotechnology Laboratory

Architecture for companies that "make things"........

Mission: Strength, Utility, Beauty.

Description/Tactics:  We provide architectural and engineering services to "companies that 'make' things."

We design  spaces/environments enabling great science and technology, successful engineering, and effective production.  

WHL is an egalitarian organization providing complete environmental design services (architecture, planning, engineering, interior design, project and facilities management, furniture and systems furniture design) for local, national, and international technology companies in electronics and microelectronics, biopharmaceuticals, solar/photovoltaics, aerospace, and social networking [new millennium companies.....].
Number of Coworkers: 10
In Demand: AutoCad and Revit trained and proficient (testing may be requested), degreed/graduate professionals, and professionals with registration/certification in architecture (California license or NCARB certificate), project management (certificate), or interior design (certificate).
Corporate Culture: Convenient West Central Sunnyvale (equidistant from downtown Mountain View and downtown Sunnyvale) with immediately close shopping, banks, restaurants stores and shops; in office gourmet/ground/drip-brewed; snacks/drinks provided; formal open door policy; completely flexible work hours; casual dress; no formal business titles (coworkers and not “employees” by corporate policy).

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